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    Valkyrie Knights Official Code of Conduct


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    Valkyrie Knights Official Code of Conduct

    Post  admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:44 pm

    The following transcript is to inform new VK recruits how they are expected to behave as a "Valkyrie Knight".

    There are many people that play the game and behave in many different ways. Not all are acceptable if you're a member of the VK Guild. As a Valkyrie, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a fashion that will be complementary to all of the Guild as a whole.

    First, we must consider that not all players are old enough to comprehend a tone that has mature/adult theme, so please keep your language in the public area clean at all times. The person next to you may only be 9 years old. This also goes for such things as taunting other Guilds into matches. If they wanted to do a match, they'd be there. If you want to inquire about a match or try to set one up, do just that... ask. When doing so, remember to use the respect that every Guild deserves in your dialog. If you show respect, you become respected.

    On another subject I can say I have had issues with personally is temper. Everyone gets angry at some time. If you find that you could not contain your anger, remember, an apology goes a long way. If your the type that finds begging a suitable way to gain advancement, remember this. Not only is it unbecoming of a VK Guild member but it will not be tolerated. The first two times your caught you will be warned. On the third you will be dismissed in disgrace, no if and or buts. It's one thing to ask a Guild mate for help with a mat or a few cr/ce if you need it and most will do just that. Asking for mass amounts of Crowns or Energy on a regular basis is just not accepted, especially if your asking the general population. (That's called BEGGING) Also, it's not recommended to encourage the people that do beg in the general population nor is it acceptable to ridicule them. They may just need some help/tips on how they can get what they need without begging for it. As a VK, your expected to be helpful to all if you can, but encouraging bad behavior isn't really helping is it.

    As always, remarks with subjects like religion or politics should be kept on the light side. If you want to debate Religion or Politics, your in the wrong place. If you feel the need to belittle someone because of there age race or sex, you may not be right for the Valkyrie Knights, and might be better suited for one of the other Guilds. This type of thinking is so "last century" anyhow. If you are caught doing this, you may be warned or possibly dismissed depending on the circumstances.
    To summarize, in general, we need to make sure that the game environment is acceptable and enjoyable for all gamers who ever and were ever they may be. In a word, "Be nice, and have fun"

    Keep the integrity of the Valkyrie Knight "Legendary".


    The above text is posted with approval of the Guildmasters and will be edited if and when the officers find changes are needed. Also additions may be made as new issues are found and solutions applied.

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