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    VK Guild LD Team


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    Post  zeronek on Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:58 pm

    hey guys we really need a team... whitelancer, furiseto and i/me did some guild LD with a team/guild made by whitelancer (Philippine Knights: an experimental LD team with white's selection of other players aside from us three in SK) and in a way it really did work great... their are some issues and problems maybe because we just got together in an instant but all are manageable (we really did have a great game scored: 2 w/2 l). and because of that i/we know that we can do it in VK... i do hope that VK will have a team and this i know that VK can and will have a great LD team... white has already selected some members (reference other topic in the forum entitle world LD) and i do hope the VK team can do more LD's for experience and eventually be more a cohesive team in doing LD's in the future...

    p.s. we really need to discuss this. i think its a must... need to hear feedback, suggestions, comments and any violent reactions from members especially the LD team selected by white. hehehe... (",) as you can see the team white made already registered in the LD Guild Leader boards at number 5.

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