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    Post  Lizardtail on Sat Nov 16, 2013 5:43 am

    Hey, guys! How's everyone doing? Or what've you guys been doing these pats few days/weeks/months/years/lives? Smile

    Me, I've been doing school stuff for a year. That was one helluva school year. T^T
    I just got back to playing as a knight a month ago cuz i had nothing else to do. Only planned to log in once just to see how many of those in my friends list were still running the clockworks but the new pet thing was kinda cute so i'm stuck raising mine.

    Too bad I haven't bumped into any Valk in the past month.. Sad
    Is the Valk still alive? Or is anybody here still running with the Valk sign under their name? Unfortunately, I don't have it under mine anymore. Sad
    I've been getting a lot of invites but I decided to stay guildless in hopes of bumping into a Valk again one day and having that title under my name again. Still getting more friends tho. XD

    Sooooo... I wonder how long it takes before this post gets read... :'(

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