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    What a "future" recruit must have.Updated


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    What a "future" recruit must have.Updated Empty What a "future" recruit must have.Updated

    Post  admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:47 pm


    On 1/17/12 at a meeting with Whitelancer, I was asked
    to announce changes to the requirements for invitation to the Valkyrie Knights that states:

    Before anyone can be invited into the Valkyrie Knights Guild, they must do one of 2 things.

    They will be evaluated by Whitelancer or a party of his discretion at one of two places and their performance will determine if they are qualified to be invited into the VK Guild:

    #1. FSC, Levels 24 through 28

    #2. Lock Down

    requirements also include:

    At least one full set of five star gear. (Valkyrie not required)

    A good sense of fair honest game play that is neither offensive or disruptive to any other player.
    (Fellow guild mate or not)

    A desire to have fun and socialize with fellow players with like interest and diversity, while enjoying some skillful game playing.

    Realize and understand that VK has a chain of command and agree to follow the rules that VK has initiated.

    All previous rules for invitations are no longer in affect.


    This list is a rough draft that awaits approval and modification and will be changed/corrected in the future if Whitelancer determines that changes are needed.


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