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    Rules for Promotion.


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    Rules for Promotion. Empty Rules for Promotion.

    Post  admin on Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:29 pm

    The test for the promotion from RECRUIT to MEMBER has been determined to be "any T3 arena the recruit finds suitable", to be done solo by the recruit with a Guild mate, Veteran rank or higher as witness. The test taker can not die and the test giver can not help. If/when the test giver dies, the test taker will not revive him as it will waste there health and the test giver will magically be taken to what ever room the test taker goes regardless of life . The test taker will complete all 3 rooms of the arena without help and shall not die and a witness must be present during the entire test. Upon successful completion of this test, the test taker will earn the advancement of member, in good faith. The promotion to be given by any officer that bears testament from involvement or by reported witness. At this time the test taker will also have one of the helms required for the promotion as described in the earlier post "What a future recruit must have."

    It is also advisable to forgo the taking of any large Mineral as most people find fighting without it on there back much less distracting than with it. When the test giver is dead, it is advisable for the test taker to avoid getting too close while in battle as it may result in accidental reviving of the test giver. This will not void the test but it is not desirable to loose any health that may have been needed to be successful. When still alive it is NOT advisable for the test giver to use any health caps that the test taker may have needed. If the test giver picks up any usable vials or health caps ect, they will be replaced back to the floor at the test givers earliest convenience.

    This test has no time limits as to how many attempts can be made in any given time or how soon after becoming a recruit the test can be taken. Also, failure of this test will in no way constitute dismissal from the Guild.

    The test for promotion from MEMBER to VETERAN is to be the "GAUNTLET" from the missions menu with 1 guild mates help (Veteran rank or better), no death. You cannot do both test on the same day.There will be a wait before you can take the test for VETERAN of 1 week.

    On 10/10/11 a general meeting was held and a motion was pass that states.

    "A Valkyrie Knight must have one of the following helms to be use at Guild meetings/group photo's and such." This will be required for Member rank and above. Recruits are encouraged to get one to qualify for promotion to member BEFORE the member test.

    Angelic Helm. - 3*
    Seraphic Helm. - 4*
    Valkyrie Helm. - 5*

    Fallen Helm. - 5*
    Divine Veil. - 5*

    On 02/24/12 the following helms were added to the list of helms that are acceptable to fill the requirement for promotion to member.

    Heavenly Iron Helm Helm. - 5*
    Any Helm that has had the Halo Accessory added to it.


    With this said on behalf of the Guild, we bid you "Good Luck", fair knight...

    (In addition to the above rules, you must be registered at this forum and have read the rules above. A "no brainer" I know, but you'd be amazed at the people that want to take the test without knowing/reading the test perimeters.)

    As always, this doc is submitted before approval is granted and changes can/will be made at any time as seen fit by the officers.


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